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IOK Partnership Updates: Dec 2023 (1)

Klaytn’s Ignite On Klaytn (IOK) program, launched last August, offers an avenue for new DApp projects to access the platform and technology capabilities of Klaytn’s ecosystem partners. The initiative aims to empower these projects to firmly establish their presence in both the Asian and global markets. 

The IOK program encompasses collaboration across 15 key project areas,  including Wallets, Game-Fi Tools, On-chain Data Ranking, Marketing, Oracle, Acceleration, Development Outsourcing, NFT Marketplace, DeFi Services, Security Tools, and API Nodes. Beyond these, the IOK program also shares strategic insights for localization in the rapidly growing Web3 gaming industry in Asia and know-how in user acquisition. All to bolster the success of DApp projects operating on Klaytn Mainnet.

We’re excited to introduce companies onboarding the IOK program periodically on Klaytn’s official blog and social channels. If you are interested in joining the IOK program, please visit this page for more details and application processes.

About D’CENT wallet

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IOTRUST, creator of the D’CENT wallet, was founded in 2017 with a mission to make it easy for everyone to manage their digital assets and securely access blockchain services. In 2018, they launched D’CENT, the world’s first hardware wallet with biometric authentication. IOTRUST is a team with a deep understanding of the industry, with over 70% of their R&D staff coming from the security industry, with an average of over 17 years of experience. 

D’CENT Wallet releases NFC-enabled card wallets and mobile app wallets, and provides easy access to DApp services such as DeFi on various networks including Klaytn. Since the launch of D’CENT Wallet, IOTRUST has grown into a global blockchain wallet service with more than 200,000 users in more than 220 countries around the world, backed by investments from leading VCs. 

D’CENT Wallet currently hosts more than 3,000 cryptocurrencies and uses a state-of-the-art solution that integrates security and user-friendly features. Equipped with a certified security chipset to protect users’ private keys offline, D’CENT Wallet supports more than 59 blockchain mainnets and provides access to manage digital assets anywhere via mobile or web. Going forward, a new service, Wiffin, a social login wallet, will introduce Web2 users unfamiliar with blockchain and wallets to the Web3 era with no barriers to entry while enhancing security. 

With the onboarding of these D’CENT wallets to Klaytn, DApps in the Klaytn ecosystem have gained an effective window to increase their global visibility, in addition to a number of other tangible benefits, including the ability to purchase up to five biometric hardware wallets at a 50% discount.

About Break First

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Break First Fund is an early-stage venture fund led by a team of experienced crypto founders, incubators and investors. Break First is focused on accelerating truly decentralized and on-chain solutions to break new ground and make them accessible to everyone. Specifically, it has helped create Southeast Asia’s blockchain incubator and leading Web3 gaming hub with 1 million viewers and 200,000+ KYC users, a top-tier Web3 Launchpad that has raised over $20 million for early-stage Web3 startups, and accelerator programs co-hosted with leading ecosystems. In particular, they focus on the areas of on-chain worlds, the creator economy, on-chain identity and reputation, and on-chain UX, identifying and supporting project teams looking to disrupt these areas. 

Through this IOK partnership, teams in the Klaytn ecosystem will be able to benefit from the support of Break Fisrt’s incubation system, especially if they are working on products in the on-chain space, they will have the opportunity to receive blockchain-wide support in areas such as investment, acceleration, and consulting. Klaytn Foundation looks forward to adding the professional incubation capabilities of the Break Fisrt team to the Klaytn ecosystem, contributing to a more robust ecosystem.

About Tatum

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Tatum is the only SDK service for all blockchains, providing a powerful development toolkit and leading the way for innovative creation of Web3 applications. The Tatum SDK is an open source SDK for Web3 that provides integrated and flexible developer tools for building applications using more than 90 blockchains, including RPC nodes for more than 65 blockchains and features such as wallets, NFTs and fee estimation, providing a robust infrastructure for Web3 development. These technologies have been recognized for their impact, including a $41.5 million Series A investment in October 2022. 

Through this IOK partnership, DApps in the Klaytn ecosystem will be able to use Tatum’s SDK to build applications in a Web3 environment more conveniently and quickly. In particular, they will be able to use Tatum’s toolkit to build an efficient development process and receive a customized and robust security environment. We look forward to the expansion and enhancement of the Klaytn ecosystem of DApps that Tatum will accelerate.