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Introducing Klaytn’s new Ambassador Program!

At Klaytn Foundation, we believe that empowering talented individuals within our global community is an indispensable element for sustainable ecosystem growth. The Klaytn Ambassador Program is designed to discover and uplift Web3 talents amongst our community – and as it enters its third cycle, we are excited to announce that the program will be expanding to encompass both developers and brand ambassadors.

In the past two cycles, the Dev Ambassadors were attached to various functions across Klaytn Core, Software Development Kit (SDK), Research, and Data. They got to experience working with Klaytn developers, attending domestic and international conferences related to Klaytn, and directly or indirectly contributed to the expansion of the Klaytn ecosystem by publishing official research articles. Examples of Dev Ambassador program activities can be found in this article

For the upcoming January 2024 cycle, we will be seeking out both developers to take on the role of Dev Ambassadors, and enthusiastic community members to take on the role of Brand Ambassadors. 

Dev Ambassadors will have the opportunity to take on a leading role in our developer community, supporting developers by answering their technical questions on Discord and on the Developer Forum. Dev Ambassadors will also have the chance to work directly with developer mentors from Klaytn Foundation, allowing you to grow in both knowledge and repute.

Brand Ambassadors, on the other hand, will take on the role of advocates, representing Klaytn at blockchain conferences and meetups around the world to educate, inspire, and grow the global Klaytn community. Additionally, outstanding Dev and Brand Ambassadors will be considered for internship and employment opportunities at Klaytn Foundation.

For more information on the Klaytn Ambassador Program and the application form, please visit the links below. Jump in as a core member of the Klaytn ecosystem now!

* Application deadline: 3 January 2024
* Ambassadorship period: February – July 2024
* Klaytn Amnassador Program Intro page