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Join the inaugural Klaytn Hackerhouse at KSL2023

Klaytn Hackerhouse: for builders, by builders

If you’re a builder who wants to change the world, we warmly welcome you to the inaugural Klaytn Hackerhouse where technology meets the Web3 spirit.

Taking place on the 3rd floor of the KSL 2023 venue (SJ Kunsthalle) from September 4 to 6, Klaytn Hackerhouse provides a platform for future blockchain builders to exchange thoughts and ideas, while showcasing inspiring new Klaytn-based projects. Join us for two days of insightful technical presentations from Klaytn Foundation and our partners on the 4th and 5th of September, followed by a day of free-style networking and collaborative hacking on the 6th.

Klaytn Hackerhouse is a continuation of the Klaytn Developer Boot Camp, a five-week course that has been running since July 31, and is planned as a pre-event for the upcoming Klaymakers23 Hackathon. 

Introducing the Hackerhouse speakers

Note: All speaking sessions will be conducted in English by default with no Korean interpretation. For the few sessions that will be conducted in Korean, Korean → English sequential interpretation will be provided.

Dorothy Liu ㅣ Altlayer: Decentralized Interlayer for Rollups

Dorothy Liu, Head of Growth at AltLayer, is an industry leader in decentralized solutions. With a proven track record at prestigious companies like Synthetix and HashKey Trading, Dorothy brings an unparalleled knowledge of the intricacies of blockchain interlayer mechanisms. Her workshop promises insights into the complexities of decentralized rollups and their vast potential.

Irene Wu ㅣ LayerZero: LayerZero for Gaming – Optimizing UX through Interoperability

Irene Wu, Head of Strategy at LayerZero Labs, is a design and development maven with a rich history at global giants like IDEO and J.P. Morgan. Her forte in strategy and her developer background uniquely position her to address the challenges and opportunities in blockchain gaming. With deep insights into interoperability and UX, Irene’s session is a must-attend for any developer looking to revolutionize gaming with blockchain.

Bayram Guvanjov ㅣ Orakl Network: Exploring Orakl Network and Unveiling the Mechanics of Price Feed

Bayram Guvanjov, a core developer at Orakl Network, is a force to be reckoned with in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. With an intimate understanding of the rapidly progressing blockchain landscape, he’s been pivotal in shaping the foundational systems of the Orakl Network. With his unwavering dedication to his craft and commitment to innovation, Bayram will share insights into the next generation of blockchain breakthroughs.

Victor Vanichkov ㅣ SORAMITSU: Open Source DEX and Its Transformative Use-Cases

An advocate for open-source systems, Victor Vanichkov stands at the helm of SORAMITSU’s transformative technologies. His expertise in decentralized platforms has guided the company in pioneering the future of open-source DEX. At HackerHouse, we’ll hear about his innovative mindset and deep passion for technology place him at the forefront of the decentralized revolution.

Join us for 3 days of dev-focused activities

In addition to speaker sessions, Klaytn Hackerhouse will feature various events and activities where you can earn rewards for completing various tasks. To find out more about everything that will be going on during Klaytn Hackerhouse on this page

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