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HackBoston Klaytn Challenge Winners

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in HackBoston’s Klaytn Challenge—our judges were amazed by the talent and creativity behind every submission. Here are the winners of the Klaytn Challenge at HackBoston!

Champion: US$5,000 in $KLAY


An art marketplace where individuals looking for bespoke artwork can place a bounty, and creators leverage AI to generate high-quality art to compete for the bounty.

Visit DDALLE Github

1st runner-up: US$3,000 in $KLAY


An AI image generator that uses infinite-width neural networks and ZK Proofs to fairly compensate the artists of the training images that contributed to the generated image. 

Visit Fairstable Github

2nd runner-up: US$2,000 in $KLAY

Frens Protocol

A user-owned, open social platform that any game can plug into, allowing gamers to easily discover friends and the newest and latest games.

Visit Frens Protocol Github

Congratulations to all the winners, and kudos to all the participants of the Klaytn Challenge for your amazing hacks. We’re excited to see all of you continue your journeys into Web3 in the Klaytn ecosystem. See you at our next hackathon!