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Klaytn Governance Council Updates for Dec 2022 

The Klaytn Governance Council (GC) has approved the onboarding of two new Web3 industry players, in line with our ‘crypto-first’ governance strategy. Such a strategy also involves ensuring that new GC members, including crypto-first organizations, actively contribute to Klaytn’s ecosystem. As such, GC members that provide limited contributions to Klaytn’s mainnet node operations or that have relatively low contributions to Klaytn’s ecosystem will step down. 

In October 2022, Swapscanner and Quantstamp joined the GC to secure the network as validators while working alongside other GC members to steer and contribute to Klaytn’s vision of becoming the de facto blockchain for the metaverse. 

In November 2022, GS Retail and MakerDAO stepped down from the GC. This was done in joint agreement with each GC member entity, following Klaytn’s ‘crypto-first’ GC direction and standards. Regardless of GC status, Klaytn will continue collaborating with each entity as a member of the Klaytn ecosystem. The reasons for GC withdrawal for each company are as follows:

1. Limited contributions to Klaytn’s ecosystem:

  • GS Retail and Klaytn agreed that the contribution of GS Retail to the Klaytn ecosystem is currently limited.

2. Limited contributions to Klaytn’s mainnet node operations 

  • A GC member is expected to be a Core Cell Operator (CCO) for the Klaytn network, operating both consensus and proxy nodes and engaging in network governance.
  • Given that MakerDAO can no longer operate Klaytn’s consensus and proxy nodes, it ceases to meet these requirements and has withdrawn from the GC.

The Klaytn team will continue to closely monitor market conditions and transparently share GC changes with our community as we transition towards crypto-first governance.