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Fostering future fintech leaders with NUS

Whether it is the enabling of greater financial access, improving market efficiency, or the fractionalization and tokenization of real world assets (RWA), blockchain technology will undoubtedly be part of the future of fintech.

As one of Asia’s leaders in RWA tokenization, we wanted to play an active role in nurturing tomorrow’s fintech talents. To this end, we are excited to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with National University of Singapore (NUS) acting through its Fintech Lab, where both parties agree to collaborate with NUS Fintech Society in the following relevant areas:

  • Conducting workshops and training sessions on blockchain architecture, smart contract development, decentralized finance applications, and more.
  • Hosting developer contests and hackathons to give NUS students an opportunity to showcase their ingenuity and receive attractive prizes, mentorship, and more.
  • Delivering guest lectures for computer science or blockchain-related courses at NUS to give students insights into real-world blockchain development.
  • Acceptance into the Klaytn Ambassador Program for passionate student ambassadors to represent Klaytn on campus to support the learning journeys of their fellow students.
  • Offering of internship opportunities focused on blockchain development with Klaytn to provide students with hands-on experience working in the blockchain industry.
  • Creation and distribution of educational resources such as tutorials, documentation, and sample projects tailored to NUS students interested in Klaytn development.
  • Organizing networking events, meetups, and panel discussions to give NUS students the opportunity to interact with professionals from the blockchain industry.

Step into the realm of endless possibilities! With the Klaytn Foundation and NUS FinTech Lab in harmonious collaboration with its Fintech Society students, we’re embarking on a riveting journey to empower today’s students. Together, we’ll mold them into the dynamic fintech leaders of tomorrow, thriving through the evolving fintech landscape with innovation as their compass!