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Exploring the metaverse with Klaytn at MetaJam Asia

The metaverse is such a huge buzzword in this day and age, but everyone has different ideas about what it means. Is it just gaming and NFTs? Is it an alternative infrastructure on which you can interact with others? Or does the metaverse represent your ability to evolve virtual interactions?

All these discussions are taking place at MetaJam Asia, which has officially kicked off this week! It’s the so-called first Web3 festival held in Asia, featuring more than 100 communities, brands, and venture capitals working to build the metaverse.

We are excited to announce that Klaytn is a presenting sponsor for the three-week-long event. What does this entail? You’ll get to catch our Head of Marketing, Aaron Koh, speaking about his optimism for a Web3 future. He will be among more than 40 key speakers touching on various innovative topics in the industry. There will be opportunities to gain insights into GameFi and NFT models, community growth initiatives, and the blockchain-based creator economy.

You can also hop over to MetaJam’s phygital experiential space and find Klaytn’s arena. That’s where the works of our NFT artists (think the likes of LayLay, Doge Sound Club, and more) will be showcased. Our partners, Karafuru, The Other Side, and WonderPals, will also be there. You may even get the chance to mint some NFTs for your own collection! There will also be interactive games and demonstrations from creators around the world. It’s the perfect offline chance to understand the different aspects and approaches to creating NFTs and other content on the blockchain.

Every aspiring metaverse builder needs a flagship experience to get them started. MetaJam Asia is set to be the perfect breeding ground to explore what it takes to build a whole universe from scratch.

Visit MetaJam’s site to find out more.