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FNSA to be de-listed on some exchanges in preparation for the token swap

On the 26th, we provided guidance on the token swap method following the launch of the new Kaia chain. As previously mentioned, the swap schedule and availability may vary depending on each exchange’s policy. Therefore, if a specific exchange does not support the swap, the foundation will coordinate with the exchange to terminate the pre-trade support for FSNA and enable asset withdrawal to protect user assets.

In this context, the announcement regarding the suspension of FINSCHIA (FNSA) trading pairs on BitMart and LBank has been posted today. If you hold FINSCHIA (FNSA) on BitMart or LBank, please withdraw your FINSCHIA (FNSA) in advance to a wallet that supports FINSCHIA (FNSA), such as DOSI Vault, or to another exchange where FINSCHIA (FNSA) is listed.

For users holding FINSCHIA (FSNA), please pay close attention to the announcements from the respective exchanges. The Kaia Foundation will strive to successfully complete the chain integration according to major milestones and to carry out the processes for the new Kaia chain launch as planned by the end of June.

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The Kaia Foundation will continuously work to build and expand a healthy blockchain ecosystem. We look forward to your participation in Kaia’s journey to become Asia’s No.1 Web3 platform.