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Introducing the Klaytn Champions of Coinbase’s BUIDL The Future Hackathon


  • Klaytn was a track sponsor for Coinbase’s recently-concluded BUIDL The Future Hackathon
  • Our 3 track winners demonstrated blockchain technology’s versatility in addressing real-world challenges: from streamlining game asset management and preventing crowdfunding rugpulls to improving retail foot traffic via NFT gamification.

As part of our initiative to trawl the world for more innovative buidls, we collaborated with Coinbase Cloud to introduce our very own Klaytn track in the BUIDL the Future hackathon. Over the course of 2.5 months, buidlers from around the globe showcased their innovative projects that utilize blockchain technology to address real-world issues. Our developers also held two virtual workshops to promote learning and knowledge-sharing, highlighting Klaytn’s sophisticated technical infrastructure that enables swift operations, immediate finality, and one of the industry’s lowest average transaction latencies.

From the multitude of submissions we received, 3 buidls in particular caught our eye:

Champion: Team Wanna

Team Wanna caught our attention with their decentralized crowdfunding platform, designed to reduce frauds and rugpulls. With the global crowdfunding market expected to reach $23.1 billion by 2026, crowdfunding is poised to be a key monetization model in Web3. Yet, managing funds after crowdfunding can be challenging, leading to cases of embezzlement and bankruptcy.

To mitigate potential rugpulls, Team Wanna’s blockchain-based solution allows investors to form an investment DAO and acquire tokens for the projects that they invest in. Businesses seeking crowdfunding can submit their project details, funding goals and roadmaps for potential investors to browse. The DAO holds the authority to determine the investment’s continuation or refund based on the project’s progress, with raised funds being gradually released through governance voting following roadmap implementation.

1st Runner Up: Team Encrypt

Encrypt is a platform that combines NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with gamification to help businesses and communities boost their marketing efforts and drive foot traffic. The platform offers MapX, an app that uses maps to create a location-based gameplay experience. Users can discover and collect NFTs, including vouchers, collectibles, and artwork, which are associated with physical locations.

Retail businesses can use Encrypt as a retail marketing tool by issuing NFT vouchers that can be redeemed at their stores, incentivizing customers to visit in person. Artists can also take advantage of MapX by tokenizing both physical and digital artworks and distributing them through the platform.

2nd Runner Up: Team GameFolio

GameFolio streamlines the management of in-game non-fungible token (NFT) assets by providing a multi-chain blockchain game aggregator platform. With games being released through various platforms and blockchains, players often have to install multiple infrastructure services to enjoy a variety of games. This becomes even more challenging with the rising popularity of NFTs as in-game assets. GameFolio addresses this issue by allowing users to effortlessly manage and monitor their multi-chain NFT holdings, alongside relevant trading data. 

We look forward to the official launch of these buidls in our ecosystem.
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