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Inaugural ABGA & Klaytn Blockchain Gaming Hackathon Announces 2022 Winners

We’re proud to announce the winners of the inaugural Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) & Klaytn Blockchain Gaming Hackathon! Out of 84 applicants, 8 teams were shortlisted as the top winners The top 8 teams stand to win a sizable prize pool with $2 million in investments, a $90,000 cash prize from Klaytn, and AWS credits as an extra bonus.

Well-known institutions from web3 industry were invited to judge the competition, including VCs, public chains, foundations, game guilds, and developer communities. The judging panel included:

  • ABGA
  • Bitrise Capital
  • BKEX Labs
  • Chain Capital
  • ChainUp
  • Consensus Labs
  • ChungKang
  • FairyProof
  • FBG Capital
  • Huobi Ventures
  • Klaytn
  • Klaytn Games
  • Krystal
  • KuCoin Ventures
  • MEXC Pioneer
  • Mint Ventures
  • Outliers
  • Plutus.VC
  • Pro Gamer DAO
  • WaterDrip Capital
  • W Labs

Learn more about the top 8 teams here:

1. SavannaSurvival: Integrate Blockchain with nature
SavannaSurvival is set to inspire gamers on wildlife, conservation & blockchain education in a very fun way! Learn about the natural world while exploring the many biomes of SavannaSurvival and contribute to conservation simply by being a part of our community, and explore the new Web3.0 experiences as the first step into the blockchain world.

2. The Wake: MMORPG game to feature Norse mythology
The Wake is the world’s first and largest isometric multiplayer role-playing (MMORPG) game to feature Norse mythology in the metaverse. The Wake is an NFT-based system and uses a $TWAKE token in-game. Except for activities, events, and tournaments the game offers players NFT, Loot boxes, $TWAKE token, and various prizes.

3. Multiverse Play: Decentralized NFT management platform
Multiverse Play is a global leading decentralized NFT management platform based on P2E intelligent scheduling, which efficiently connects all Web3/GameFi users and assets, including players, NFT holders, guilds, and developers, and provides them with intelligent matchmaking, task scheduling, asset management, and high liquidity.

4. FindTruman: Alternate Reality Game
FindTruman is the First Alternate Reality Game in Metaverse. On the FindTruman platform, players could experience the joy of story-gameplay, the reward of content co-creation, and the potential airdrops of story NFTs. Players can join the co-creation procedure of the story and IP, and with the commercialization of this story into 3D scenarios in various web3 metaverse, or a transformation of these stories/IPs into web2 games can be initiated.

5. GamePhylum: Game Information data aggregation platform
GamePhylum is a game information data aggregation platform that is built for the new wave of future Web3 games. It incentivises gamers to write and like strategy, provides users with visualized and high-value game on-chain data, helps game companies in all stages of marketing and promotion, and opens up the ecology built with game tool developers.

6. Cyberpop Metaverse: Open-world UGC blockchain metaverse game
Cyberpop is an open-world UGC blockchain metaverse game combined with exploration, combat, and play- create- to earn. It is the world’s first open-world MMORPG metaverse game with cyber style. Cyberpop Metaverse is created by a top technical team whose members are from Tencent, Ubisoft, and Huawei and is officially authorized by the “Prince of Persia”. Utilizing the UGC editor, players can build homes, cars, airships, roads, etc.

7. Horizon: Open world blockchain gaming with an independent economic system
Horizon is a near-future open world and independent economic system. A lassie’s railway journey is presented in the form of a unit drama. The game is based on the background stage of the projection world which is infested with madness and indifference.

8. ZiberBugs: PVP competitive auto-battle game
ZiberBugs is a PvP-focused, competitive auto battler created for gamers with a ‘fun first’ principle. It aspires to greatly increase the number of professional gamers in the world. The game seeks the perfect balance between people wanting to pay for entertainment and people wanting to contribute to the ecosystem and get rewarded for it.

The top 8 teams were invited to the ABGA & Klaytn Hackathon Demo Day where they demonstrated their gaming applications and competed for the final ranking, while receiving on-site mentoring from our judging panel, awards commemorating their wins, and networking opportunities with close to 300 attendees from top institutions and teams.

SavannaSurvival emerged as the final winner for its creativity in introducing blockchain elements in its gameplay, as well as for its inclusion of educational content to easily onboard new users.

Jin Hong, MARBLEX Business Lead and one of the participating hackathon judges, said, “Savanna Survival’s win is well deserved – it is a creative, unique blockchain game, and is easily accessible to users new to web3.”

About ABGA
ABGA, known as Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance, is an ecological alliance established by mainstream organizations in the global blockchain industry, as well as outstanding organizations and individuals full of enthusiasm for blockchain gaming, metaverse, and NFT. Through a wealth of online and offline activities and the latest industry information analysis and discussion, ABGA inner members are combined to discover, invest and incubate more potential projects to promote the vigorous development of the industry.

Learn more about ABGA here.