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Introducing the 2023 ABGA x Klaytn x ISKRA x CESS Web3 Gaming Hackathon

Klaytn Foundation will host a pre-final warm-up event for the ABGA x Klaytn x ISKRA x CESS Web3 Gaming Hackathon on September 6, the last day of Klaytn Square Lounge (KSL) 2023. Co-hosted by our global Web3 partners, the event is designed to prepare participants and share key updates just before the hackathon finals on Monday, September 11 in Singapore. 

The Pre-final Warm Up event will introduce ‘TEARING SPACE‘, a blockchain-based triple-A 3v3 MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, and ‘Arena of FAITH‘, a blockchain MOBA game that offers differentiated enjoyment through elements of tournaments. In particular, TEARING SPACE has attracted approximately 10,000 new users during its open beta period by offering features such as in-game tokenization and NFT trading. In addition, ‘Seraph: In the Darkness‘, developed by local game company Actoz Soft, will also share its development progress.

The event will be co-hosted with Klaytn GC member ABGA, Web3 blockchain gaming platform ISKRA, and blockchain-only data storage protocol CESS. Co-hosting with global companies with deep roots in blockchain gaming will be an opportunity for Klaytn’s gaming ecosystem to become more robust. In addition, Google Cloud, Slowmist, and others will collaborate as strategic alliance partners to help the hackathon run smoothly. 

On the day of the pre-final event, there will also be a ‘KBW Grand After-party’ with Klaytn Foundation, our partner, and potential partners from ABGA, ISKRA, and CESS. 

For more information about the ABGA x Klaytn x ISKRA x CESS Web3 Gaming Hackathon, please visit the Dorahacks website.

About ABGA

The Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) is a Greater China-focused non-profit blockchain gaming alliance that operates on a co-sponsorship basis from blockchain gaming organizations. ABGA conducts various activities to promote the development and investment in blockchain gaming, NFTs, and the metaverse, particularly in Greater China and Asia. ABGA has an extensive network of blockchain gaming-specific organizations, including more than 50 institutions and Bitrise Capital, a $500 million digital asset manager, as members. By leveraging the collective strengths of the Asian gaming industry, ABGA is making various efforts to shape the promising future of the global blockchain gaming landscape. 


Iskra offers an all-in-one Web3 game platform that rewards players and developers through a unique community system. Services include web3 games, wallet, DEX, marketplace, and launchpad. Iskra believes that onboarding the next generation of Web3 users will be driven by engaging games that demonstrate the true value of digital ownership.

About CESS 

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is optimized for processing high-frequency dynamic data, enabling real-time data sharing; while safeguarding its users’ data ownership, privacy, and assets. CESS is a secure, efficient, and scalable decentralized cloud storage network that provides data storage services and data sharing platforms for Web3. It is the first decentralized storage network that offers full-stack data solutions for large-scale commercial applications. As an open-sourced and public blockchain, CESS is positioned to be the underlying network infrastructure that is equipped with integrated APIs and SDK for easy dApps deployment.