Witnet brings decentralized oracles to Klaytn

Witnet, a decentralized oracle protocol, has completed integration with Klaytn and is live on the Cypress mainnet. Developers can now utilize the entire Witnet oracle suite, including:

  • Public Price Feeds (KLAY/USDT) that are completely free to read from.
  • The Witnet Randomness Oracle, which is an efficient and secure way to source randomness and uniqueness into NFT and gaming use cases.
  • The Witnet HTTPS Oracle, which enables Klaytn developers to benefit from Witnet’s internal filtering and aggregation capabilities to have external data securely retrieved and attested from multiple data sources at once, thus reducing reliance on specific data providers, and eliminating any single point of failure.

The availability of Witnet’s decentralized network of oracle nodes will allow smart contracts on Klaytn to access the off-chain data they need in an accurate, transparent, and censorship-resistant way, opening the door to more sophisticated and reliable NFT, Metaverse, GameFi and DeFi use cases.

As part of the long-term collaboration between Witnet and Klaytn, a dedicated team of Witnet developers will also be working side by side with several projects in the Klaytn ecosystem to assist them in integrating the oracle into their contracts. The teams involved in this process are confident that a first round of use cases will be announced in the coming weeks.

“We are delighted to be the first decentralized oracle to land in such a powerful ecosystem, and really glad to see how open to collaboration their developers are” — highlighted Adán SDPC from Witnet Foundation — “Count on us to work side by side with the projects building on Klaytn to help them build more secure, efficient and usable dApps and protocols.

About Witnet

Witnet is a next-gen oracle whose security is founded on strong cryptoeconomic incentives. The Witnet protocol runs on its own single-purpose oracle chain ($WIT), and is connected to 12+ smart contract platforms through data bridges that feel native to every Solidity developer.

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