Thrust to succeed Kakao Space in the Governance Council


  • Kakao Space will be stepping down from the Governance Council
  • Thrust, a Web3 gaming-focused incubator, will join the Governance Council

Last week, we unveiled Klaytn’s crypto-first governance strategy where we detailed our plans to recompose the Klaytn Governance Council (GC) with crypto-first organizations that are able to not only provide better governance informed by their first-hand experience in the crypto world, but also directly contribute to the growth of the Klaytn ecosystem. That announcement was followed by the first changes to our GC, with NFTBank and Jump Crypto taking over Worldpay and Amorepacific as members. 

This week, we are announcing another change in this new direction: Kakao Space will be stepping down from the GC. Even though Kakao Space is a subsidiary of Kakao Group, as a company whose main line of business is interior design and branding, it is not the best fit for Klaytn’s vision of a crypto-first GC. As such, both organizations have mutually agreed that Kakao Space should retire from the Governance Council. In its place, Thrust will be inducted into the GC.

About Thrust

Thrust is a Web3 incubator focused on gaming. The first project to roll out of its doors was Klaytn Games, an all-in-one P2E service that connects users with games in the Klaytn ecosystem via Launchpad IGOs, airdrops, NFT presales, and game aggregation. Thrust aims to build the ultimate hub for Klaytn’s gaming ecosystem through Klaytn Games, the creation of a gaming DAO, and by establishing an ecosystem fund dedicated to gaming use cases.

As a GC member, Thrust will contribute towards the stability and reliability of the Klaytn network as a professional infrastructure partner, while driving Klaytn’s global adoption through the creation of a vibrant gaming ecosystem.

To learn more about Klaytn Games by Thrust, please visit

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© Klaytn Foundation 2022. All rights reserved.