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The Klaytn difference: gaming projects

First, there were computers. And we started playing games on them. Then came the internet. And we started playing games online. Then VR headsets got invented, and what did we do with them? Beat Saber and Half Life 3 Half Life: Alyx.

Blockchain will be no different. It’s clear that gaming will play a key role in driving mass adoption of blockchain technology, and subsequently be a major part of the metaverse.

As we’ve said on quite many occasions, gaming is one of Klaytn’s priorities in our quest to be the metaverse blockchain for all. But talk is cheap. Today, we’ll show you how Klaytn walks the walk by showcasing the distinct benefits that game developers can get by building on Klaytn.

Our tech enables a flawless gaming experience

Games are uniquely demanding to develop. They require both ingenious creativity to conjure up riveting graphics, soundtracks, storyline, and gameplay mechanics, as well as flawless technical execution to deliver a seamless experience that never interrupts the immersion.

This is why we’re building out an end-to-end metaverse package that includes a library of smart contracts, SDKs, comprehensive tool sets to simplify integration and more, all managed by a dedicated package manager. This, together with Klaytn being Ethereum equivalent, mean that game studios can not only tap on the sizable global pool of Solidity and EVM developers, but also streamline development efforts to dedicate more resources to the creative side of things.

Beyond these, Klaytn also provides a built-in L2 solution—our customizable Service Chains—that not only provide your game or gaming platform with dedicated throughput to ensure consistent performance, but can also be easily tailored to meet specific performance and security needs.

More critically, these Service Chains also enjoy the same 1-second time-to-finality (TTF) as the Klaytn mainnet. While time-to-finality is rarely a focal point in the blockchain performance discussion, it is absolutely crucial for gaming and metaverse use cases, as the last thing gamers want is to wait minutes or hours for their transactions to be confirmed. Additionally, this also opens up more possibilities for gameplay mechanics that rely on near-instant finality which will not be possible on other chains that have slower TTF.

Last but not least, is another understated feature of Klaytn: Gas fee delegation. The ability to delegate gas fees, along with Klaytn’s low gas price, open up the possibility for game studios and publishers to pay any onboarding gas fees for new players, so they can start playing without having to go through the whole hassle of setting up a wallet and figuring out where and how to purchase the cryptocurrencies needed in order to start playing—removing one of the biggest blockers that would-be players will face.

We actively support our gaming partners 

There’s also a lot more that goes into the successful launch of a blockchain game than just, well, making the game. There’s decisions to be made around the in-game economy and how it interacts with tokenomics, integrating with NFT and DeFi services, marketing and user enablement, and so on—many of which are new to game developers who may not have the relevant expertise or capabilities.

As the entity tasked with driving Klaytn’s global adoption, the Klaytn Foundation provides a range of support for game developers and publishers, including marketing and technical support, as well as funding for early-stage projects through the Klaytn Growth Fund (KGF). Studios can also leverage our fully-integrated game launchpad to kickstart their games through airdrops, IGOs, NFT presales, and more. We’re also actively working on partnerships with global gaming guilds to build a vibrant on-chain gaming community.

On top of all these, game developers and publishers can also tap on our broad network of world-class industry partners to open up collaboration possibilities, be it for access to their capabilities and services, or for co-development or marketing campaigns.

This unique combination of technological advantages and business support is proving to be a winning formula, with leading game developers and publishers such as Netmarble, Neowiz, and Wemix already onboard the Klaytn metaverse and releasing AAA quality games on their respective blockchain gaming platforms. 

One stellar example is Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, a mobile MMORPG based on Level 5 and Studio Ghibli IP. Launched in May 2022 on MBX, Netmarble’s blockchain platform built on Klaytn, the game has seen massive global success in both sales and popularity.

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As we continue to build out our tech and refine our grant and support programs, we are confident that Klaytn will eventually grow into one of the largest gaming metaverses in the world. 

So if you’re a game developer or publisher looking for the right chain to build on, look no further—join the winning team by building on Klaytn. Get in touch with our blockchain gaming specialists and let’s work together to get your gaming project off the ground and into the metaverse!