Sygnum joins the Klaytn Governance Council


  • Sygnum has been onboarded as our latest GC member
  • This brings our GC up to 36 members

Following closely from our last announcement of two new crypto-first GC members, we are pleased to announce that Sygnum has now joined the Klaytn Governance Council, bringing the number of GC members up to 36.

As a crypto-native organization, Sygnum will be actively participating in and contributing to the Klaytn ecosystem through their institutional digital asset banking, investment expertise, and services.

About Sygnum

Sygnum is the world’s first digital asset bank, and a digital asset specialist with global reach. With Sygnum Bank AG’s Swiss banking and securities dealer licence, as well as Sygnum Pte Ltd’s capital markets services (CMS) licence in Singapore, Sygnum empowers professional and institutional clients or qualified investors (e.g., corporates, banks, and other financial institutions) to invest in the digital asset economy with complete trust. Sygnum operates an independently controlled, scalable, and future-proof regulated banking platform. 

Our interdisciplinary team of banking, investment, regulatory, compliance and blockchain experts is shaping the development of a trusted digital asset ecosystem. The company is founded on Swiss and Singapore heritage and operates globally. 

As a GC member, Sygnum will support the growth of Klaytn across Europe and Asia by bringing their experience, geographic presence and network of clients and partners to Klaytn.