Recap of AMA session with Klapes

We had the pleasure of hosting the team from Klapes for an informative AMA session where they answered the community’s questions about the Klapes project’s current and future activities. Listen to the AMA session below or read on for our recap!

Note: Some of the text have been edited for grammar and clarity.

Date & Time: Mar 16th at 6pm SGT / 7pm KST
Platform: Twitter Spaces
Turner (COO), Garthos (Game Director), Judi (Project Manager), and Bex (Project Manager) from Klapes
Host: Sofy, Community Manager at Klaytn Foundation


Sofy: A very good evening to everyone and Happy Wednesday! Welcome once again to another AMA session with us. I am Sofy, community manager for Klaytn and I will be your host for today’s session. Thank you so much everyone for taking time to be here. Especially the Klapes team. As they are located in a different timezone from most of us.

Today’s session will be divided into 2 parts. We will begin with an introduction from the Klapes team, followed by questions from the community that we have compiled. Feel free to drop your questions for the awesome Klapes team in Klape’s Discord.

Please introduce yourselves to the community, and I am sure those who are new would love to know more about Klapes.

Judi: Hi, Sofy! Thank you for having us and hosting this AMA — we really appreciate it. Today, from the Klapes team, we have: Turner — our COO. Garthos — our Game Designer. Bex — one of our project managers and me, the other project manager! We’ve been looking forward to answering some questions from the community and talking about Klapes Klubhouse and some future plans for the Klapes project and MMJP.

For those who are new, Klapes is an NFT project built on the Klaytn blockchain. The project was launched in December of last year and did very well during the original mint, selling out in less than 20 seconds. Afterwards, we became the first verified Klaytn collection on OpenSea. In January, we developed our second collection, Baby Klapes, giving holders one Baby Klape for each Klape they owned. Since then, we have been developing the Klapes DeFi game, Klapes Klubhouse, which we will be releasing Part 1 of on Friday!

The whitepaper is currently published on the Klapes website, but for those of you who haven’t had the chance to read through it yet, we will give you a quick run through.

Klapes Klubhouse is a DeFi staking game that allows holders of Klapes and Baby Klapes to stake their NFTs and earn rewards. By staking NFTs in Klubhouse holders can generate $KOCO and, in Part 2, holders can use that $KOCO to send their Baby Klapes treasure hunting in the Ruins of Gutan to find new and unique NFTs.


Sofy: What was the inspiration behind Klapes Klubhouse and what made you guys decide to create a DeFi staking game?

Garthos: We actually had several game concepts that we had come up with and one of those was based around Klubhouses that could potentially be bought and sold and have social rooms that could be built by the owners. However that initial design would have required a much longer development effort to implement and we felt had a higher risk of failure. There was just something that we all liked about the social interaction of the first Klubhouse design that we wanted to retain but also wanted to put more focus on the staking mechanics and coin generation for holders. The Klompster made the perfect “villain” for this concept which brought an element or risk vs reward that just felt right.

Sofy: Some blockchain gaming platforms need a deposit in order to play their games. So, does Klubhouse require a deposit in order to play it? If so, what is the minimum or initial deposit amount required?

Bex: There is no deposit required to participate in the Klubhouse. The only cost will be the gas fees for staking and unstaking the klapes and baby klapes that is very minimal.

Sofy: Klubhouse is a staking game. Is it also a play-to-earn game?

Turner: I would say yes. While there is a staking mechanic, your participation is what will allow you to earn $KOCO.

Sofy: Could you please describe $KOCO’s tokenomics?

Garthos: Klubhouses are the main faucette for earning $KOCO. Part 2 of the Klubhouse Game will be one of the major token spends as players will spend it to earn new monthly exclusive NFTs. That being said, we do have some other uses in mind that we will be sharing in the near future but we are not able to discuss just yet, but SOON!

Sofy: What is your marketing strategy that will help expand Klubhouse’s community and make Klubhouse popular?

Judi: A majority of our current marketing strategy has been put together by IndigoChild. It started with our partnership announcement and listings on Hashnet. We have also had banner ads on Coinness. There have been articles, and will be more articles, on sites like Coinreaders, Coinness, Bitman, Cobak and more. We also have PR planned for some of Korea’s largest KOL Telegram channels and another AMA that will be hosted by IndigoChild on Friday — right before the launch of Klapes Klubhouse.

Sofy: Could you please share with us Klapes’s long term goals?

Bex: Our long term goals with Klapes is to release Klapes Klubhouse and build up hype and demand for the project, re-launch Baby Klapes, and then expand and build upon the Klapes Universe hand-in-hand with the DAO’s decisions.

Sofy: How are the NFTs going to be like for Klubhouse? Is it just going to be Baby Klapes only or will there be new types of NFTs like weapons, new versions of Klapes?

Turner: Some of this is TBD and will likely be available for the DAO to help decide. The NFTs that are earned in Part 2 are not currently planned to have utility. If that were something the DAO would like to see, that would most likely be in a later Phase.

Sofy: Do you have a token burning plan to increase token value and attract more investors to invest?

Judi: At this point, we do not currently have any plans to burn tokens, specifically Baby Klapes. When Baby Klapes minting opens in the future, of course, the hope is that all of the Babies will quickly find homes. We may have to reassess in the future depending on the NFT market, initial sales of Baby Klapes, and some other factors that will need to be taken into consideration. We also want to keep in mind that there are some really great 1 of 1s still left in the collection!

Sofy: Asides from Klubhouse, are there any plans for more DeFi games in future?

Garthos: Yes, we have another game, Next Horizon, in the works that we have already shared a few details on.

Sofy: Is it possible to receive Klay with DeFi staking interest on Next Horizon DeFi?

Turner: We aim to have some Next Horizon resources listed on a Korean exchange (or DEX) so they can be exchanged for KLAY. Further details will be made public as development for Next Horizon continues.

Sofy: What’s going on with the Klapes global public relations plan?

Judi: We partnered with IndigoChild to support our marketing campaign for both Klapes Klubhouse and Baby Klapes, you may have already seen partnership announcements from them on social media! You will see more from them in the coming days and weeks.

Sofy: As the holders’ royalties are so minimal, I suggest Klapes to deliver more benefits to the public rather than just holders.

Bex: We aim to provide benefits to our holders as a priority. In order to play Klapes Klubhouse you need to be a Holder. On top of that, benefits for future projects also require you to be a Holder. We believe that people will see the benefits of holding with the release of Klubhouses and into our future, and that will be something the public will want to be a part of.

Sofy: Moderators are needed. Many components, such as responding queries, are too slow in comparison to comparable projects. Other projects require 1–2 weeks to get alerts or answers that are sent out in a single day. Is it possible that the lag is due to a process that requires Klaytn’s approval?

Judi: We do currently have a handful of moderators. We appreciate that it can take some time to respond to inquiries. Klaytn does not have an approval process over Klapes announcements. We provide updates frequently, the speed of which is dictated by what we have to share. We do not want to ping channels just to appear busy — we want to provide content that is worthy to the community.

Sofy: How long does it take from Klubhouse to Next Horizon DeFi?

Turner: We aim to have Phase 1 of Next Horizon available in Q2 of this year. After the launch of Phase 1 of Klubhouses, and prior to Phase 1 of Next Horizon, we will be working on Phase 2 (Treasure Hunting) for Klubhouses.

Sofy: Is there a difference in the mining amount of Klapes and Baby Klapes in Klubhouse?

Garthos: Only Baby Klapes can generate $KOCO in the harvesting Phase for the Klubhouse. The generated $Koco is distributed equally to all Klapes and Baby Klapes staked in that Klubhouse at the completion of the Harvesting Phase. Further explanation can be found in our whitepaper.

Sofy: What exactly can I do with the tokens mined by Klubhouse?

Bex: The tokens acquired through Phase 1 of Klubhouses can be spent in Phase 2 in order to go Treasure Hunting! We also have some other burn mechanisms in mind which we hope to share with you in the not too distant future.

Sofy: When will Discord holder verification and the translation bot be available? We want a definite date.

Judi: We have been informed that Klaytn is currently working with devs to create a holder verification bot. Once that is developed we will certainly look into it and implement it into our Discord. The translation bot is currently in testing, we are looking into the output it creates specifically, as it is not as reliable as Google Translate in its current form. It is something we will spend more time on once we have work completed on Klubhouses.

Sofy: Do you have any intention of showing partnerships with investors on the Klapes website? Most Korean NFT projects demonstrate this.

Bex: This is a great idea. We will discuss this with the engineering team to add a section that highlights Klapes partnerships and collaboration that Klapes is part of.

Sofy: Why do you decide to do a DAO which eventually leads to paying the gas fee anyway? One option would be just creating a discord holder authentication bot and do like DAO instead because it seems okay now but will be risky when the gas fee goes up.

Turner: This was mentioned previously in the Klapes discord, but there may have been some people that missed the announcement or are new members to the community. The Klapes team was made aware that Klaytn is currently working with a team to develop a verification system. We are currently not aware of a Discord bot that is able to take weighted votes into account. Once that system is established we would be interested in looking into implementing weighted DAO voting within the discord. Until weighted voting is possible with a discord bot, we plan to continue holding official DAO votes on the Klapes website.

Many thanks to the talented team from Klapes for taking time out of their busy schedules for our AMA! To find out more about Klaytn and join our growing global community, please follow these links below:

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