Klaytn v1.9.1 Release Notes

We are happy to announce the release of Klaytn v1.9.1.

This version is for the security patch and tracer enhancement.

## New Features

– Implemented new APIs tracing transactions in a block range (#1586  #1590)

    – debug_traceChain (debug_subscribe with traceChain option) returns subscription ID that providing trace result of the given range. This API should be invoked via websocket connection. 

     debug_traceBlockByNumberRange traces all transactions in a given block number range.

– Introduced a new node configuration method using yaml (#1580)

## Improvements

– Introduced a memory control logic for chaindatafetcher’s range fetching (#1583)

– Refactored tx tracer and enhanced memory control in debug APIs (#1581)

## Fixes

– Resolved estimateGas API failures that occur when a sender doesn’t have enough KLAY (#1588)

– Prevented node panic via a special p2p message (link

## Miscellaneous

– Minor maintenance (#1566 #1576 #1584 #1585 #1589 #1591)

For more details on the update, please refer to this link. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Medium to not miss anything! Thank you.

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© Klaytn Foundation 2022. All rights reserved.