Klaytn v1.8.3 Release Notes

There’s something I always say: being consistently good beats occasionally great, which is actually a description that fits perfectly to the weather here in Singapore. It’s sipping-on-coconut-on-the-beach kind of temperature all year round. But perhaps just as impressive as the climatic consistency, there are some things that just keep getting better. Like what, you ask? We are proud to introduce the release of Klaytn v1.8.3, packed with new features and improvements!

What’s New

  • Received transactions used to be sorted according to gas price, which was meaningless because Klaytn currently has a fixed price. So we added another filter, namely the received time, so the transactions can now be sorted, and processed on a First Come First Serve basis. (#1282)
  • The chronological sorting of the received transactions was also applied to transactions being propagated. (#1309)
  • Local transactions in the journal file will also be written in chronological order in the file. (#1329)


  • You can now disable snapshot when prefetching, which will improve performance. We’ve also added some missing metrics for snapshot. (#1234)
  • The GetCodeSize will now return 0 for emptyCodeHash instead of an error. (#1279)


  • Worker uses the signer generation function MakeSigner instead of LatestSignerForChainID, so that it can use SenderCacher. (#1305)
  • Before, when prefetchers access a nil address accidentally, a panic occurred. We’ve implemented a panic guard to prevent the panic. (#1311)


The upgrades will be applied to Baobab at the end of April, to Cypress in mid-May. For more information, please refer to this link.

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