Taking Klaytn’s NFT Ecosystem to the Masses


  • Bringing NFTs to the Masses via Klip
  • Helping Legacy Industries Leverage NFTs

The Klaytn team has been cooperating with both established enterprises and start-ups across all key domains from the inception of the Klaytn ecosystem; and over the past year, Ground X has been leading the charge in taking Klaytn NFTs to mainstream consumers, on-boarding world renowned IPs and entities into the Klaytn NFT ecosystem.

Looking ahead, Ground X is working to bridge more mainstream consumers with established enterprises and conglomerates seeking to leverage NFTs, ultimately contributing to the expansion of the Klaytn NFT ecosystem. This will benefit existing Klaytn ecosystem projects across all verticals – GameFi, DeFi, Marketplaces, DAO’s and others (Overview of Klaytn ecosystem projects [KR]). Ground X’s flagship Web3 wallet – Klip, will play a large role in this initiative, acting as a key touchpoint for NFT creators, IP owners and users. In order to construct action items to move initiatives forward, a joint Task Force – the NFT Task Force (NFT TF) was formed, between the Klaytn Team and Ground X.

Key NFT Task Force Initiatives 

NFTs IRL via Klip and Klip Drops

The NFT TF has been exploring ways to spread greater awareness of NFT technologies and also ways to lower entry barriers to NFTs for mainstream consumers. To facilitate this, Klip Drops (an NFT marketplace natively integrated in the Klip wallet) introduced the ability for users to purchase NFTs via credit cards and bank transfers back in 2Q. Also, the recently integrated Check-in function allows the on-offline verification of NFT ownership via a simple QR scan; Real-world use cases were demonstrated by Everland (South Korea’s largest Theme Park) and during the 2022 Korea Blockchain Week conference where NFT owners were allowed access to exclusive off-line spaces upon verification of ownership via Klip’s Check-In function.

In addition, the NFT TF is currently building tools to allow established brands and enterprises to seamlessly leverage NFTs according to their needs, be it marketing with digital collectibles or infrastructural and logistical purposes. This set of tools will help companies engage with their consumers in a way that was not previously possible, allowing them to be creativity-centric in their approach; All of this is happening within the Klaytn ecosystem.

The NFT TF is also exploring more user-centric experiences such as, the integration of Klaytn NFTs into the KakaoTalk platform (i.e. Profile Pictures), multi-chain support and inter-chain bridges.

The B2B Klaytn NFT Alliance – GRID

In order to capture the ever growing enterprise interest in NFT technologies, Ground X established “GRID”, a B2B Klaytn NFT alliance specifically targeting enterprises; Offering member enterprises, business and technology consulting services. As a steering member, Ground X will be working closely with other members to help the Klaytn NFT ecosystem flourish.

With approximately 200 entities looking to participate, the GRID alliance is looking to become a key player in the NFT space. For the latest update, please refer to the following Korean Medium post: GRID: Current State and Roadmap of NFT Alliance.

Via the NFT TF, the Klaytn Team and Ground X will continue on-boarding entities into the Klaytn ecosystem, formulating new digital strategies, serving as the bridge between Web3 and legacy industries.

[3Q Klaytn Ecosystem Update]
The 3Q Klaytn ecosystem updates will cover key initiatives the Klaytn team is currently undertaking in our continued efforts to achieve an optimal and sustainable Klaytn ecosystem.