Klaytn joins the Blockchain Game Alliance

Klaytn is excited to announce that we’re now a part of the Blockchain Game Alliance, a global alliance of gaming, technology, and blockchain companies that are working towards the common goal of promoting blockchain within the game industry.

The BGA aims to achieve this mission through three key activities:

  • Encouraging the development of standards and sharing of best practices in the development and testing of blockchain technologies, to create the strong interoperability necessary for broad industry adoption.
  • Contributing to the advancement of public understanding and awareness of blockchain games, by taking on the role of the trusted experts on blockchain and games for industry, the media, and society.
  • Providing an open and inclusive platform for members and key stakeholders to discuss issues relevant to blockchain and its influences on people, businesses, and society.

As a member of the BGA, Klaytn will be actively participating in all three of these areas to accelerate the realization of a vibrant gaming metaverse where players can play, create, earn, and trade without boundaries.