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Klaytn Governance Council Updates for May 2023

As part of our continuous efforts to enhance Klaytn’s Governance Council by including only crypto-first organizations that are able to contribute significantly to the Klaytn ecosystem, Hashed and Thrust will be stepping down from the GC effective May 2023. Hashed and Thrust’s departure from the Klaytn GC was mutually agreed upon, and they will continue to collaborate on the Klaytn ecosystem after their departure.

 In their place, we are excited to announce that Asia Blockchain Game Alliance (ABGA) and P2EALL will be joining the GC. As two crypto-native organizations dedicated to blockchain gaming, their active contributions as GC members will further strengthen Klaytn’s position as a gaming mainnet.

About ABGA (Asia Blockchain Game Alliance)

ABGA is an Asia-focused non-profit blockchain game alliance that operates on the basis of co-sponsorship with blockchain game organizations. ABGA members are engaged in various activities to promote the development and investment in the fields of blockchain games, NFTs, and metaverse. The alliance also has an extensive blockchain gaming network concentrated in Greater China, with more than 50 member institutions including Bitrise Capital, a digital asset manager with an AUM of over $500 million. 

As a Klaytn GC, ABGA will continue to expand Klaytn’s user and developer communities, with a specific focus in the Greater China region, through education and onboarding activities, such as co-hosted blockchain developer events, hackathons, and webinars, to help grow the blockchain gaming ecosystem on Klaytn’s mainnet. 

About P2EALL

P2EALL is a global blockchain game platform that provides various services for P2E users, including blockchain game ranking services, airdrop services, calendars, and news. With 250,000 active users, 2,000 registered projects, and 2 million event participants, P2EALL has one of the largest global blockchain gaming communities. In addition, P2EALL also provides marketing solutions to Web2 and 3 game companies to secure a wider audience for Web3. 

P2EALL has already made various contributions to the growth of the Klaytn ecosystem. In addition to Kaikas integration, it has led the creation of 35,000 Kaikas wallets across Southeast Asia, and collaborated with more than 20 Klaytn-based projects, contributing to the healthy expansion of the Klaytn ecosystem. 

As a GC of Klaytn, P2EALL will continue to contribute to making the Klaytn gaming ecosystem stronger by focusing on the specific items below. 

Expanding Klaytn game ecosystem categories: P2EALL’s network of more than 20,000 scorers and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) will help games on Klaytn gain more users. 

Global Social Platform Leverage: P2EALL will be allocating their block rewards to marketing activities on major social platforms such as Google, Tiktok, and Meta, as well as leveraging their KOL network for influencer marketing and content creation to popularize Klaytn-based blockchain games.