Klaytn Foundation & Fandom Partner to Boost Klaytn’s Creator Economy

The Klaytn Foundation and Fandom Foundation will work together to on-board creators into the Klaytn Ecosystem.

Klaytn Foundation is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Fandom Foundation, a company that is redefining the creator economy. The idea behind Fandom is to allow fans to benefit directly from increased popularity of the projects that they support through profit sharing, strengthening the connection between creators and fans. 

Fandom Launchpad, Fandom Foundation’s official DApp on Klaytn, is a crowdfunding platform to support creators in producing quality content and products. Fandom’s main partner, Fantrie, is a paid subscription membership platform with more than 600,000 monthly active users (MAU).

Through the implementation of blockchain technology, creators and fans are able to trace transactions for greater transparency and accountability, increasing the credibility of creators’ projects and alleviating trust issues among fans, creators and platforms. Users of both Fandom Launchpad and Fantrie can track their support through on-chain data and will also be able to participate in the governance of the platform, creating a close-knitted ecosystem.

As strategic partners, the Klaytn Foundation and Fandom aims to encourage the growth of the creator economy on the Klaytn chain. This partnership aims to ultimately onboard more creators and fans to Klaytn’s ecosystem.

About Klaytn Foundation

​​Klaytn Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established to accelerate global adoption and ecosystem maturity on Klaytn. The foundation manages the US$500m Klaytn Growth Fund and operates alongside Krust, the holding company for all overseas ventures of internet giant Kakao Corp.

About Fandom Foundation

Fandom Foundation, a Singapore-based company with an operating presence in South Korea, aims to close the gap between fans and creators. Fandom Launchpad and Fantrie will synergize each other as one being a fan supporting platform, and the other being a closed membership platform.

For media enquiries or partnership collaboration opportunities, please contact:

Marketing and Communications, Klaytn Foundation

Becky Koh

Email: jy.becky@krustuniverse.com

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© Klaytn Foundation 2022. All rights reserved.