Announcing the winners of Klaymakers22, Klaytn’s Flagship Web3 Hackathon


  • Klaymakers22 saw over 23,000 workshop participants and 174 project submissions
  • 19 projects walked away with over $1million in prizes, sponsor bounty challenges, and grant and incubation opportunities

Just last Friday, we crowned the inaugural winners of Klaymakers22, Klaytn’s flagship web3 hackathon! 19 teams walked away with over US$1 million worth in prizes, sponsor bounty challenges, and grant and incubation opportunities.

Klaymakers22, co-organised by DoraHacks, successfully attracted both web3 & web2 developers to buidl use cases on Klaytn with the ease of our EVM-equivalent network. We received a total of 174 amazing submissions with use cases ranging from decentralised art generation to DAO creation and management without the need for prerequisite coding knowledge. Participants also had special access to Klaytn’s developer community on Discord as well as free business and technical workshops which garnered a total attendance count of 22,948.

The first round of judging was conducted by senior representatives from Klaytn and our hackathon partners. 20 finalists were selected and tasked to pitch their buidls via live demo sessions to the judging committee before the 12 winners were determined. Submissions were judged on criteria including originality, execution, and usefulness.

On November 18, 12 winners were announced through a virtual ceremony, and 3 of the hackathon winners, alongside an additional 7 teams, received special mention for winning the bounty challenges.

Klaymakers22 winners

  1. 0xSBT
    0xSBT provides decentralized treasury, voting, meme token, and soul-based token smart contracts for DAOs. It also provides an evaluation system for all DAOs based on culture, transparency, and authority.
  1. Bento
    A cross-chain dashboard that allows users to aggregate their on-chain activity across multiple chains and wallets, allowing users to easily track every asset they own, regardless of chains and types.
  1. D-Ad
    A web3-based dApp that allows for targeted advertisements through the use of zero-knowledge proof, rewarding users for viewing advertisements while not revealing users’ personal information to advertisers.
  1. D-DALLE
    D-DALLE is a decentralised art generator platform that allows users to generate artwork powered by D-DALLE’s AI art generation tools. Users are incentivised via bounties to generate and submit artworks based on current open requests.
  1. Jonggane Kimchi Premium Index
    The Foreign Exchange Transaction Act in Korea has given rise to the Kimchi Premium: a price difference between assets that are listed on both Korean and foreign exchanges. While exploiting the Kimchi Premium has been a popular trading strategy, it involves laborious and complex processes. The Jonggane Kimchi Premium Index is a synthetic trading product that indexes the Kimchi Premium, helping traders to utilize Kimchi Premium more conveniently and maximize their revenue.
  1. KlayGoods
    A Klatyn-native decentralized giving platform to help public good projects fundraise for their causes, without being limited by geographical restrictions
  1. Klaylabs
    A DeFi data integration and visualization service that allows users to easily find key information and events for Klaytn-based DeFi projects, APRs for various liquidity pools across different projects, and NFT volume and transaction data for Klaytn-based NFT projects
  1. KlayOracle
    A Klaytn-native oracle that brings offchain data, from weather data to token prices, to Klaytn-based smart contracts.
  1. KUP
    A platform that helps content providers build metaverse and gamefi apps without the need for blockchain experience.
  1. Soumatou
    Soumatou transforms everyday moments users want to remember into 3D art, which are then minted as NFTs on the Klaytn blockchain, inscribing such memories on the blockchain forever.
  1. XDAO
    With the aim of making DeFi more accessible, XDAO is a platform for managing and creating DAOs without prerequisite knowledge in coding or smart contracts.
  1. X-Letter
    X-Letter is a Media DAO: a participation-based web3 web novel DAO in which stories are unfolded reflecting readers’ preferences through a voting system.

Sponsor Bounty Challenge winners

  1. The BlockPI Challenge  
  • Problem Statement: To develop innovative implementations on optimising integration between Klaytn Endpoint Node and BlockPI HyperNode.
  • Prize pool: US$4,000
  • Winners: 

2. The F10 Challenge

  • Problem Statement: To build a solution and tool on innovating processes of incubating startups, operating VC investments and growing VC and startup communities in the Web3 industry
  • Prize: US$10,000
  • Winner: XDAO

3. The GroundX Challenge

  • Problem Statement: To implement meaningful services that are close to real life by utilizing the KAS and Klip APIs
  • Prize: US$10,000
  • Winner: Bento

4. The HashQuark Challenge

  • Problem Statement: To build related tools and infrastructure of wallets, oracles and indexing protocols on the Klaytn network
  • Prize pool: US$10,000
  • Winners: 

5. The Krust Challenge

  • Problem Statement: To build an implementation of use cases and tools that are Metaverse-related
  • Prize pool: US$10,000
  • Winners: 

6. The Tatum Challenge

  • Problem Statement: To develop solutions on Baobab, Klaytn’s Testnet, using Tatum’s API
  • Prize: US$10,000
  • Winner: Nomis

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