Expanding the Klaytn Governance Council: Alameda Research and Kracker Labs hop onboard


  • Two new companies — Alameda Research and Kracker Labs — have joined the Klaytn Governance Council.
  • The two new members will contribute their expertise by investing in projects, developing infrastructure, and building Klaytn’s ecosystem.

Two more companies have joined the Klaytn Governance Council, as the blockchain platform makes progress towards its goal of greater decentralization.

Alameda Research

Founded by CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, Alameda Research is a leading cryptocurrency trading firm and venture investor. It has established a strategic partnership with the Klaytn Foundation by investing in early-stage projects on the ecosystem.

As part of the Klaytn Governance Council, Alameda Research is set to contribute to the sustainable development of Klaytn’s network. Using its global reach, the firm will introduce Klaytn to top-level funds and exchanges as well as spread awareness of the blockchain to the world.

Find out more about Alameda Research.

Kracker Labs

Singapore-based Web3 project investor and builder Kracker Labs is already one of the fastest growing players in Klaytn’s network. It has taken the lead in expanding the Klaytn DApp ecosystem through investments, incubations, and collaborations. The company has established relationships with more than 10 teams in the blockchain, including SwapScanner and Kronos DAO.

As a new member of the Klaytn Governance Council, Kracker Labs will continue to invest in the Web3 protocol. Part of its contribution will be providing mentoring, funding, and workspace support so that early-stage projects can go from discovering business items to spin-offs.

Find out more about Kracker Labs.

Klaytn’s Decentralizing Governance

For Klaytn, there’s no way to go from here but up. As the Klaytn Governance Council expands, the blockchain will continue to deliver the benefits of decentralization without sacrificing scalability or performance.

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