Decentralized RPC network BlockPI launches its testnet with Klaytn

BlockPI, an innovative distributed multichain Remote Procedure Call (RPC) node network and KGF fundee, has just launched its testnet with Klaytn as its first integrated chain. 

Decentralization has always been a key tenet of Web3 and the metaverse. However, many pieces of the Web3 infrastructure stack still rely on centralized providers that create single points of failure—such as RPC node clusters that can get congested when a surge of requests floods in, or users losing access to their digital assets when the API service goes down.

BlockPI solves this with an incentivized, distributed RPC network that automatically evaluates and distributes requests based on latency and sync status, intelligently balancing RPC request load throughout the entire network to deliver stability, reliability, and performance.

These RPC nodes are all self-owned by the BlockPI community, decentralizing both the data and the computing power to not only eliminate the single point of failure, but also provide greater privacy for users as requests are randomly processed through the BlockPI network. 

What this decentralized architecture means is that any Klaytn Endpoint node will be able to run the BlockPI HyperNode application to join the BlockPI RPC network and earn more revenue without additional costs, and that use cases with high performance requirements can deploy a self-hosted Gateway to ensure maximum performance and minimum latency.

Using the BlockPI network to access on-chain data is as simple as generating a BlockPI API key and integrating it into the DApp, allowing builders to focus on bringing their vision to life in the Klaytn metaverse.

As an organization that shares Klaytn’s aspiration of bringing Web3 and the metaverse to the world, BlockPI will be running a free public RPC for the benefit of the Klaytn community. In addition, when the BlockPI mainnet goes live, Klaytn projects will be able to enjoy a free trial of their enterprise-tier service.

To find out more or participate in the BlockPI testnet, visit their website at today.

About BlockPI

BlockPI network is a distributed multichain acceleration layer, engaging in an accessible and decentralized Web3 environment. BlockPI provides efficient, reliable and high performance decentralized API service for Web3 builders.