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Are you ready to build on Kaia?

With the integration of the Klaytn and Finschia chains actively underway, we’ve started recruiting Kaia Dev Ambassadors to work with the Kaia team and the upcoming Kaia chain!

The Klaytn Dev Ambassador Program, which was launched in January 2023 and has been going strong for over a year and a half, will be rebranded as the Kaia Ambassador Program. With a wealth of benefits and opportunities to contribute to the growth of the Kaia blockchain, the Kaia Ambassador Program is now open to applicants who are interested in growing with the community within the Kaia blockchain ecosystem, which has been significantly expanded by the integration of Klaytn and Finschia. 

Kaia Ambassador role and benefits

Starting in August 2024 and ending in January 2025 (*exact dates to be announced), Kaia Ambassador will spend six months promoting Kaia. Kaia Ambassadors are recruited in two categories: Dev Ambassadors and Brand Ambassadors. 

Kaia Dev Ambassador

Kaia Dev Ambassadors perform development tasks within a designated development project assigned to each mentor. Besides, Kaia Dev Ambassadors are available to answer questions that come up in Discord or the Kaia Developer Forums. This is a moderator role for the Kaia Dev community, and there will always be a point of contact with the Kaia Dev team. 

Throughout all of this, Kaia Dev Ambassador will receive hands-on mentorship from leading blockchain developers. We’ll also help you grow your research and development skills, including publishing technical articles under your name with the mentorship or collaboration of Kaia developers. 

Kaia Brand Ambassador

Kaia Brand Ambassadors will be officially qualified to represent Kaia at local meetups and blockchain-related on- and offline events. As such, Kaia  Ambassadors will play an important role in spreading the word about Kaia through official Kaia channels.

Kaia Brand Ambassador can also share the various Kaia brand news featured on our official channels on your own social media platforms. Continue to create and share Kaia-related content on your social channels and communities.

Through it all, Kaia Ambassadors will find perks just for Kaia Dev Ambassadors. 

  • KAIA Rewards
    • We plan to provide ambassadors with appropriate rewards based on their individual contributions.
  • Issue certificate NFTs and link to employment
    • Upon completion, you will receive a certificate as an NFT. In addition, successful candidates will be given internships and job opportunities. 

Recruitment Schedule

The timeline is subject to slight changes. The official recruitment page will be updated in real time. 

  • Application period: 19 June 2024 – 30 June 2024
  • Video interview with Kaia team: 1 July 2024 to 18 July 2024
  • Final selection announcement: 19 July 2024

You can find more information here about the Kaia Ambassador recruitment. For other official Kaia channels, please see below.

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